Gwenael Engelskirchen

Sustainable Food & Farming Coordinator
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618-7779
(530) 718-3971 Create VCard

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Peer Reviewed

  • Peterson, H.H.; Feenstra, G.; Ostrom, M.; Tanaka, K.; Anderson Brekken, C.; Engelskirchen, G. (2022). The Value of Values-based Supply Chains: Farmer Perspective. Agriculture and Human Values, Journal of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society. 39, 385–403.
  • Fyhrie, K.; Brodt, S.; Engelskirchen, G.; Uhl, K.; Mitchell, A. (2021). Producing Blue Elderberry as a Hedgerow-Based Crop in California. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Dahlquist-Willard, R.; Ramos Espinoza, M. L.; Yang, M.; Engelskirchen, G.; Feenstra, G. (2020). Challenges and Opportunities for Small Farms Marketing Dried Moringa Products in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Western Economics Forum. 18:2.
  • Brekken, C.; Peterson, H.; Feenstra, G.; Tanaka, K.; Ostrom, M.; Engelskirchen, G. (2019). Economic impact of values-based supply chain participation on small and mid-sized produce farms. Journal of Food Distribution Research. 50:2.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Perry, Grace; Feiereisel, Kali; Engelskirchen, Gwenael (2023). A Guide to Food Safety Certification for Food Hubs and Food Facilities.
  • Baddorf, Alicia; Engelskirchen, Gwenael (2023). Institutional Procurement of Regionally Grown Crops: Learning Lessons.
  • Engelskirchen, Gwenael; Brodt, Sonja (2020). Buying blue: Understanding the market and assessing potential for California-grown elderberry.

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